Thursday, May 7, 2009

New dolls and fabric's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well its been a wonderful couple of weeks,Ive joined Art Dolls Only and Nancyes Art Doll,and the encouragement and warmth of the doll makers has been awesome,I encourage any doll maker to join them,you wont look back,these women are so inspiring!

I have been working on Bunny Blue,I decided to go back to the way I made dolls when I made my first ever dolls,I just sew up a doll in calico and paint it with acrylic paint,when its done I will put coat or two of matt varnish for its protection and viola a new doll!

I also found some great fabrics at the local craft store,they will be great for clothing on the dolls and for back ground props,love the glittery type of fabrics for the back grounds.

Thought I would share a tips here about presenting your dolls,I take a few pics of my doll with back ground props of contrasting fabrics and glittery flower and odds and ends and then I click away until I'm happy,them I take it to Photoshop and tweak it with distort-disfuse glow untill it is soft,then I crop it,use some brushes to soften the edges,then its ready to be veiwed.

I keep a large number of phot props handy and make a good deal of them,I purchase bonches of fake flowers,pull them apart,glitter the edges,join them back to gether with button,paper clips, whatever is handy,alo9s make boxes of different styles,jewelery,boahs,feathers,paintings,lace,anything pretty,funky and fun!

Tool of the week is my stylus,its great for dotting patterns on my dolls.

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