Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to photograph and edit your doll for the web.

Hi you all,I have added this little tutorial to help my fellow doll makers show their dolls off in the best possible way,so here we go...

What you will need...Computer..photoshop...digital camera...doll...props such as flowers,pretty scrap book papers and what ever suits you or takes your fancy.

First...set up your doll and pretty things,I put some pretty paper for the back ground,white computer paper for the bottom,flowers for under the Tadmer,string to hang her from so she seems to be floating,then I start to take photos from different angles,I only used a couple but its best to take a few,you can always delete what you don't need.

Second...once you are happy with the shots,take them to your computer and down load then to the pc,pick the one you want to work with and head over to the photoshop to play!

Third...open photoshop,open your photo file and pick the image that you want to tweek....
When you have your image there crop it to get rid of parts that dont need to be there.

Forth..I used some vine brushes to add a nice whimsical feel to the pic,I also blured the edges of the photo by using two layers.
I went to Layers...duplicate layer..named it tadmer...and then disabled the original layer so I could work on the duplicate..I then went to the erraser tool and picked some long edgey brushes and softened the outer edges of the photo,then I went to Layers..flatten image.

Next I went to Filters..Distort..disfuse glow and tweeked it until I was happy with the softness of the image.

I then added some text to give a brief hint as to who and what Tadmer was, your will see some photos under this post showing the stages of the doll photo set up and edit.

If you need brushes to down load onto you pc in photoshop just browse the net for free brushes or pop in and join Deviant art and you will find a heap there but ask the makers if you can use then,though are heaps to use for free any way in the resources section at DA,in fact you will find a great many resourses for your on line art over at DA and lots of tutorials to use!

Well I hope this has helped or at least inspired you to make pretty pics of your dolls,I will be starting tutorial blog in the next week or so so pop in for the link.

Hugs to you all!

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