Saturday, August 30, 2008

A very dollie weekend...

Ive been working like mad on dolls for three days,my desk is overloaded with cutsie little beings and bright colors.
Ive been painting,sewing,photographing like mad,my book is now two more pages further than it was last week,hooray!
Ive been experimenting with mohair and sculpy,cloth,acrylic,coffee,boxes,lace,bits and bobs,my studio is in chaos and my hubby has left,nah not really but he has hinted at a tidy up but hey when I'm on a roll I'm best left alone to continue with the creative flow,Ill be back to the real world tomorrow and wont be free to create until next Thursday,so Ill be up late tonight.
I have also been working on some watercolors to keep the flow going,I find that I work better if I break things up.
Ive also done more on my little inspiration books ,I love doing them ,they keep me focused,Im working on dreamy bedrooms and sweet treats,the are such eye candy and fun.
Well enough talking to myself and onto more paint and play,so until next time keep creative.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm trying my hand at setting up better blog,Im not game to retouch my other one incase I lose it so here goes on a new one,I will be adding mostly my doll and crafting work here and my painting and photographing on the other.

I am working on some new doll designs at the moment,Im trying a whole lot of looks with a single pattern and seeing what I can come up with,it will be fun to see some little characters be born.