Monday, January 26, 2009

New Dolls ...

I have been working on some new dolls made of cloth and paper clay and have completed two so far and hopefully they will be a hit on Etsy.

I have also been working on single piece pattered dolls and using paint to bring life to them,they have worked quite well and I am enjoying the process,I think though I will perhaps explore further with more texture and fibers and see what is born of it all.

Also I have been working on some paper clay figures in a whimsical theme,they are getting there and I'm looking forward to the end result,I want to make some box toppers as I love boxes and dolls,so why not mix them.

Well back to the doll makers studio to see what little beings I can bring to life.....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

More dolls and bad bunnies!

I spent most of the day working on the dolls in my studio,I managed to achieve quite a bit but still I want more to happen!
The bad bunnies are coming along nicely and look suitably naughty,I think I will make some more perhaps in my holidays.

The cloth and paper clay dolls are nearing completion, just need to attach the hair,decorate the wings and add a few final blingy touches and they will be done and ready to sell,Im quite pleased with them and look forward to creating some more soon.

I think I have a round thirty dolls in the making at the moment and Im still thinking up more to create and finish,I have to choose which ones will go into the book yet and which ones to sell,mmm some thought is needed for this.

I have been using calico for most of my dolls,I cant seem to break away from it,it is so versatile,still I must experiment more with other types of cloth,perhaps I will try satin next.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More dolls being born!!!!!!!!!!

Ive been inspired and am fired up,I have new designs and lots to do,my studio is now kitted out to work on the dolls as well,so I hope to produce lots of dolls this year and sell them as well as add them to my new book.
I have been working in paper clay and cloth,using glass eyes in ways that i would not normally use them and doing a lot of free sewing on the dolls.
I plan to get much more intricate in my work and add more and more colour,Im very hyped up about it all!!!!!!!!!