Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dotee dolls

I didn't get to much done this week in the doll department,but I have managed to get the dotee dolls a bit closer to being finished and the Tadmers with painted faces are a step closer as well,so not all was wasted.

I experimented with the Tadmers hair using different fibers,I still have quite a bit of embellishing to do on them before they are done,I have around five to eight different versions of the Tadmers made,I keep thinking that I haven't found the right look for them as yet,am I obsessive,perhaps.

I dragged out two dolls that I purchased from the two dollar store that I have been working on for some time,I am just following my instincts with them,just working it out as I go,which is fun and very unrestrictive,I think one will join the Tadmers,well its looking that way.

I find some awesome trims at the local craft store this week,I now visit once a week even if it is to buy only 5 dollars of something,at least I am keeping my stocks up to date,I find if I do it this way then I don't get frustrated when stocks get low.

I found some brilliant stretchy lacey trim that makes for great little tutu's on the smaller dolls and some wonderful batik cotton that will make some great mermaid style dolls,I love the craft store.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A days work.

I spent the day finishing off the mary fairies and other dolls,The painted face Tadmers now have hair and tails they just need their little faces painted,I will finish off all the existing dolls and then work on the new designs,kinda excited about that....
Sadly I'm back to work tomorrow so I wont be doing much until Thursday but I will do a great deal of work on the dolls and the book once Thursday arrives,lots of sewing,painting and photography to come.
Until then have wonderful few days....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The dolls are resting today,I haven't been able to work on them buts that ok,more will be born in the next few days,the tarty fairies will soon be finished and the painted face Tadmers as well.

The little round chubby fairy is almost put together and ready for painting and embellishing,she is going to be so cute,the womb dolls also are half way there as are the cone heads,yep Ive been busy with my little cloth companions.

My little teddy is about to get his eyes tonight so will soon be able to see and join his fellow swan st bears,I felted this little guys nose,now thats a first for me,a break away from tradition,he is too cute.

I went hunting for new buttons and lace today and found some beautiful bits and bobs,I also found some nice bottles at the super market that begged to be altered so Im thrilled with them and going to buy more this shopping day,though the juice in them was so bitter that even the teenagers said one was enough,now thats a first.

I wanted to buy some beaded trim but the cost is ridiculous so Ill make my own I think,its just getting around to it I guess,I did buy lots of nice ribbon and will be heading back next week to get some more material,I want to make some nice aprons for christmas gifts and saw some beautiful shabby chic sort of cloth that will be nice when made up,I also scored some lovely patterned felt for some plushies to make when I have time to fiddle around,maybe after the exhibit.

I think I will pop off and make a roast,chow.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Well I haven't had much of a chance to work this last few days,Ive been in a bit too much pain but I did get to muck around a bit and finish a couple of dolls and take others to a near complete state.

I had my camera out for a play around as well so I haven't been totally fruitless though I would have liked to do more.

Oh well hopefully Ill get more done mid week and I'm feeling better by then,I would like to get some more of the books done and more dolls completed but I wont count on it because I might be shuffling doctors etc, blahblahblah...I want to create not sit in dull old waiting rooms watching the wall clock and flicking through old magazines,its all so hoohum.

I have almost finished dark dollie,I needle felted her hair today,I just have to dress her and she is done,she tried to get me to paint today,I found her playing around my paint powders but I was to lazy and sorry for myself to mix up any nice new watercolors,I do so love mixing my own colors though,there is something magical about creating my own colors with the different pigments and binder,mmm perhaps tomorrow.

I have an exhibition coming up in a few weeks so I might have to get cracking on the paintings for a while but I do miss my dollies when its exhibit time.

I'm selling off my kick wheel since my ankle is messed up so I will convert that space into a work area in the bigger studio to make ceramic doll heads and jewelery,I'm looking forward to that when ever it happens,still it will be nice to get out there when it warms up a bit,Ill fire up the kilns and get cooking.

Ok I think that about does it for now,Ill pop over to my other blog and fill in on the painting side of things,so untill next time keep creative.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I need sleep...

Im so sleepy but wanted to give a quick blog tonight,I will be doing more doll work tomorrow so will post any pics I have on their progress in the next three days or so.
I think I am finally getting the hang of the lay outs ect on this blog site,at long last.
O k well Ill be back tomorrow with an update on the creative process of my dolls and what ever else happens.