Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dotee dolls

I didn't get to much done this week in the doll department,but I have managed to get the dotee dolls a bit closer to being finished and the Tadmers with painted faces are a step closer as well,so not all was wasted.

I experimented with the Tadmers hair using different fibers,I still have quite a bit of embellishing to do on them before they are done,I have around five to eight different versions of the Tadmers made,I keep thinking that I haven't found the right look for them as yet,am I obsessive,perhaps.

I dragged out two dolls that I purchased from the two dollar store that I have been working on for some time,I am just following my instincts with them,just working it out as I go,which is fun and very unrestrictive,I think one will join the Tadmers,well its looking that way.

I find some awesome trims at the local craft store this week,I now visit once a week even if it is to buy only 5 dollars of something,at least I am keeping my stocks up to date,I find if I do it this way then I don't get frustrated when stocks get low.

I found some brilliant stretchy lacey trim that makes for great little tutu's on the smaller dolls and some wonderful batik cotton that will make some great mermaid style dolls,I love the craft store.

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