Sunday, September 21, 2008

The dolls are resting today,I haven't been able to work on them buts that ok,more will be born in the next few days,the tarty fairies will soon be finished and the painted face Tadmers as well.

The little round chubby fairy is almost put together and ready for painting and embellishing,she is going to be so cute,the womb dolls also are half way there as are the cone heads,yep Ive been busy with my little cloth companions.

My little teddy is about to get his eyes tonight so will soon be able to see and join his fellow swan st bears,I felted this little guys nose,now thats a first for me,a break away from tradition,he is too cute.

I went hunting for new buttons and lace today and found some beautiful bits and bobs,I also found some nice bottles at the super market that begged to be altered so Im thrilled with them and going to buy more this shopping day,though the juice in them was so bitter that even the teenagers said one was enough,now thats a first.

I wanted to buy some beaded trim but the cost is ridiculous so Ill make my own I think,its just getting around to it I guess,I did buy lots of nice ribbon and will be heading back next week to get some more material,I want to make some nice aprons for christmas gifts and saw some beautiful shabby chic sort of cloth that will be nice when made up,I also scored some lovely patterned felt for some plushies to make when I have time to fiddle around,maybe after the exhibit.

I think I will pop off and make a roast,chow.

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