Saturday, October 4, 2008

from paper to cloth..

I have been designing dolls the past couple of days for the book,I love this side of doll making,it is the beginning and conception of each little character that comes into my world.
I find that a few doodles will get me started and then from there I progress to character forming,then on to what I will use as materials & then the process of putting it all together until completion,very fun and very rewarding....

I use this method for most of my art work from boxes,assemblages,photos,books and paintings.

I recommend that every one keep lots of sketch books and reference books to use for this side of designing,I have around twenty to thirty books that I refer to all with my own designs and references in them.
Also keep mood board books and design board books to keep scraps of cloth,trim,colours,photos and other inspiration handy for the design process.

I photograph each project and keep it journaled for future reference,this way I can build from what I have already done and move forward with designs and characters.

Tip for the week,I find that because of my arthritic condition that stuffing can be a bit of a nightmare so if your have problems in this area you might like to try an old worn down bristle paint brush,use the hairy end to stuff with,it grips the fiber fill nicely and gets it in in half the time,make sure that the bristles are worn down to about half their original size and are stiff and and hard.

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