Sunday, June 27, 2010

His head!!

I have been unwell so I haven't been able to devote much time to the Alice in Wonderland challenge but I have done the original model for the head and will cast a mold from it this week,I so hope I can get this done,starting to worry that my health will hold me back but I'm going to try so very hard to do it!!!!!

I have been visiting the other blogs in this event and wow there is so much talent out their,cant wait to see their dolls.

I have decided to have a go at Tweedledee and Tweedledum,its like I like to make my life hard,I had to pick two dolls,I just couldn't make it easy and do one could I,Im thinking that I have a malfunction in my brain.

I thought that I would sculpt a head and do a mold so I can get the identical thing happening,then I would cast the new faces onto a foam block and paper mache the body and legs and make separate arms that move,I also think I will do most of the clothing in mache,not sure about that yet...
What ever I do it will take longer because I have to do twins,they are so cute though!

Well I think I better get off and do some work on the twins,see you all soon xox.

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Patti said...

The head is great! You're off to a good start... can't wait to see your finished twins. :) I'm participating, too... a real first for me. Decided on the Mad Hatter. SO much work yet to do. Good luck!