Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Its been so long since I last blogged,I cant believe how fast time has gone !
I have been working like crazy on dolls and paintings for my Etsy shop and hope to get serious about it by the end of the year all going well.

I haven't finished the tutorials yet as I just haven't been able to find the time but hope to have them up by the end of October when the kids sports season is over,I will finally have some free weekends,,,yay!

The dolls Ive been working on are little minis and some itties for the dolls that will be up on Etsy,I have quite a few things in the works for my store and I should have it revamped and ready by late November,cant wait to get it up and running in a serious way.

I have reorganised my studio so it will function in a more productive way,it now has four work areas,one for the kiln,dremel and soldering iron,one for sewing,one for painting and one for designing,yay my studio is working well at long last!

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