Saturday, September 19, 2009

Etsy dolls......

Well I have just added Megins to my Etsy shop,a hard thing to do as I adore her but I am a doll maker and I must sell in order to grow so Megins is now up for adoption as well as Molly and Talula.

Next week will be Itchy and Bunny Blue and that will be hard to do,I love these two so much,I find it so hard not to hoard my dolls,I wonder does anyone else have that problem?

The dolls for my book are finally coming to life,I think I have about 13 kitties now just another thirty to go,and also have drawn up the proto type for their owner,my little lady will soon come to life as well as her house,its getting exciting,its only taken 18 months to get this far,from the first words to the first real life characters in cloth....whoohooo!

Ive been drooling over elzelsworlds dolls you have to check out these dolls and art, http://elzesworld.blogspot.com/ ..I love the clean simlicity of this artists work,Im a fan.

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