Saturday, June 6, 2009

Coming soon...Pretty dollie bag tutorial!!!!!

Well I have my doll finished for the traveling art doll at Nancys Art Dolls Group!
After near disaster I managed to make and complete a new doll in a very short time,I am amazed at how quickly she came together.
My first doll was attacked by a dog,my dog so she has been put into intensive care for now along with a teddy,another swap doll and some other poor little beings,I actually had two attacks in a matter of days.
my cat Cecil has become a terrible menace and keeps stealing my things,dolls included,he doesn't hurt them but leaves them where my dog Gemma can find and destroy then.
My cat also steals hair brushes,thongs,hair bands,torches and spectackles,I dont know why he is doing this now,we have had him for 5 years and now he starts this,go figure!

I am almost finished my UnderThe Sea Swap doll,who was another casualty,so a new one was done,darn that dog and cat!

I will be posting another tutorial soon abot presenting dolls on the web,but that will be a while in coming as I will be off line for about 8 days or so!

I will also be doing a small tutorial on making a bag for your dollie,its too cute and I cant wait to share it with you all!

Well its getting late and I have much to do,I hear my dollies calling so untill im back online be happy and creative...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Terrielee said...

Hi Kim!
You have such nice work! I hope you'll continue to add to your blog! I enjoy your creativity! Also, I'd love to see what your two little rascals (Gemma and Cecil) look like! It's been awhile since I posted pics of my furkids on my blog... hmmm... maybe I'll do that this week! lol!
Hope to see more of your lovely work!
Terrielee :)