Saturday, April 25, 2009

On the shelves and everywhere!

Its about 1am my time,Im sitting in my in house studio office and looking around and all I can see is dolls and art and paper work,but the dolls are on the shelves and everywhere,and I love it,I find it so hard to part with them but they overrun my home and life so they must leave and start their own lives with new mums to care for them.

My nieces adore them and I find that they become rather mad at me if they don't get first pick,but hey family don't pay the bills,its nice to know that the girls are so fond of my little darlings,at least I know that they treasure them.

Anyway on with it the blog thing,life has been nothing but hectic lately,my illness has been a major hindrance,my arms are so painful its hard to even put a jacket on without nearly passing out but hey I manage, but its hard to feel inspired when I'm having a pain peak,I just hope it ebbs soon,still Ive managed to get creative and do some cute little dollies and I have reached the half way mark with one that has been in the process of evolving for more than six months,it now has paint on its face and now I'm thinking how to find the next stage with it,I don't even know its gender yet,I have posted it in this entry,any suggestions?

The bandits are coming along as is my purple fairy,I have a least 12 dolls in different stages of creation,probably more actually,I know that the big studio has quite a few in it as well as the inside studio and here I am planning to make about 20 more dolls,what the heck the more the merrier!

I have some paper clay heads waiting for bodies and some paint,I also am inspired to make some more paper clay heads and some sculpy heads and bodies as well,I just love to make these dolls,to explore and develop as a doll maker.

I also joined two great group this week,Art Dolls Only and Nancys Art Dolls,they are fantastic groups that encourage,inspire and welcome every who comes to play,i recommend that you look them up,they belong to ning,so go and see them!

I also purchased the book Creative Cloth Doll Couture by Patti Medaris Culea,its brilliant for those that want to advance into this area of doll making,I recommend it highly!

Well of to catch up on my other blog so until next time..Happy Doll making!

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