Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oh Bunny Girl!

Ive been working on the bunny girlz,they are done and look fabo,sexy and flirty,their man isnt quite finished as yet,Im at a stand still with him but he will arrive soon enough.

I love the girlz though,I used some patterned cotton,painted over it,the eyes are acrylic eyes and their faces are painted with acrylic paint,I stuffed the bodies with part fiber and part pellets,I wanted pellets in their bottoms and bellies to make them sort of softer and kind of squishy,it works for me.

I have moved on to some small character dolls,also using fiber and pellets,I just like the feel of that mix,although it isnt good for every doll,I think I like dolls to move and flop but I also like some dolls stiff and rigid,I guess its what ever you have in mind when creating them,most of the time I just sort of let it all happen.

Blog update...check out two cool doll makers Odd Dolls and Mealy Monster you will find their links at the side of this blog,you wont regret the visit.

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