Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dolls are being born!!!!!

I have designed a new lot of dolls and hope to get cracking on them next week,I'm really excited to get going on them,lots od cloth and paint,wonderful...

I am working on a quite a few dolls at the moment and hope to coplete them this week coming so that I can begin work on the new dolls.

I have a few paper clay and cloth dolls in the process at the moment and some super cute weird little one piece dolls growing nicely,I have a little family happening and some cute dotees haning aroung,so much to do,I will have to be disciplined and finish first things first.

I am working on a blue doll at the moment that is fast turning into a favey,it have ears and dangley arms and legs,this one Im enjoying,he just needs his face [painted and a few loving touches and vola he will be comlpete,I have displayed his original design in this post to share him with you all.

I do so love my little cloth buddies but I have hardened upa nd started to put them up for sale on Etsy,I need to share them and keep growing as a doll maker.

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