Sunday, February 8, 2009

Playing with dolls makes me happy!

I have been working like a mad woman in the studio,I have been having so much fun painting,sewing,embellishing,drawing and much more,its been a hoot,and I have a lot more time to play for the moment,I am of until two weeks after my op so its exciting that I will be able to create more than I thought that I would.

I have been concentrating on my latest batch of dolls,I tend to have to many on the go at once so I had put them into lots and am determined to do it that way but sometimes I just fancy working on one that catches my eye,anyway hopefully I will be more disciplined and get them all finished before I make a new lot.

I made a fairy doll about six months ago but have felt uninspired to finish her but now I cant get her out of my head,I keep thinking of different ways to bring her to life and how to develop her personality,I have given her some antaners,big eyes and funny wings,she is about three quarters done and I hope to have her on here for show next Sunday.

I am also finishing off my one piece dolls,they are turning out nicely and the cats are looking pretty cool as well,bad bunny is getting some clothing and almost ready to join his girl friends.

I have a few dotee dolls in the wings waiting to be finished,they just need to be embellished so that will happen over the next couple of weeks,also I have some paper clay ornies happening and then when all these are done I can work on some larger dolls that need completing.

Well thats the weeks summery for now,I will be back next Sunday with some pics I hope of completed dolls......................................

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