Monday, January 26, 2009

New Dolls ...

I have been working on some new dolls made of cloth and paper clay and have completed two so far and hopefully they will be a hit on Etsy.

I have also been working on single piece pattered dolls and using paint to bring life to them,they have worked quite well and I am enjoying the process,I think though I will perhaps explore further with more texture and fibers and see what is born of it all.

Also I have been working on some paper clay figures in a whimsical theme,they are getting there and I'm looking forward to the end result,I want to make some box toppers as I love boxes and dolls,so why not mix them.

Well back to the doll makers studio to see what little beings I can bring to life.....


Anonymous said...

Your dolls face is beautiful. I really like the 'alternative' & quirky facial features...really cool!
This Blog is great too! I am inspired.

kimkim said...

my dolls are so tame compared to what you do,you stuff just jumps up and runs off in a riot of color,I adore your color!!!!!!