Saturday, December 26, 2009

What Ive been doing lately...making dolls of course,the latest being more Nuggies and some wooden play doll.

Ive been photographing them for Etsy and Flickr and realize that I need a separate space for this part of my doll making,so Ive decided to dedicate a part of my studio just to photographing art works and dolls,I get so sick of setting up and packing up,I also need a space just for props etc,so next weekend will be dedicated to that.

I will be uploading my latest dolls to Etsy by next week end!

The latest blog Ive been visiting for dolls things is...Dolls and things,this is a very very cool doll artist so please pay her a visit,I love her work soooo much!


Latest vid Ive been into is The Doll Makers Waltz,its so neat,if you love dolls and animation you will love it!

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