Friday, October 23, 2009

New dolls and monsters....

Whats been happening....I've been making monsters lately,I made one called Melvin out of mohair and he is so cute and dopey,I don't think I will offer him up for adoption,he will live with me but more will follow and go to Etsy for a new home.

In Progress..... working like mad on my book characters and have made some progress,I'm so undisciplined,dang it!
Right now I'm trying to figure out the scale and if I go all cloth or cloth and recycled stuff or maybe clay,its so hard....
Ive added a pic of one of the main characters in progress,She still needs clothing and hair and I still need to make about four perhaps five more for the different expressions etc,she looks kind of startled,mmm dont know if I like that..

Coming soon...... a lovely little series of box cuties happening at the moment,they are called Nuggies and they are just so sweet,I will post them here when they go up for sale on Etsy.

Bloggers and Dolly girls.....I been visiting all the usual haunts of doll people and this week I've been caught up enjoying the work of two delightfull doll people,Cathy Cullis who makes the most beautiful paper dolls,they are a wonder to behold,they are so light and beautiful,they remind me of soft summer mornings,they have such a airy frail look about them,they are well worth viewing as is her art work,you will find Cathy's blog in my blog list.
Also I have been enjoying the work of Micheal over at Crow Haven Farm,I will have more on Micheal in the next couple of weeks and her blog link is in my blog list,her dolls have a personality all their very own,they are fun and naughty,I just love them.

Its time for bed...night night all,more to add next week! xox

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