Monday, March 9, 2009

An exhibit of dolls.

I often exhibit my painting throughout the year and have recently began to exhibit my dolls as well,so I thought I would recommend that if you are a painter,sculpter or photographer who also makes dolls,that you exhibit them as well,they deserve the spot light,they are your babies,your creations after all.

When you do exhibit them try to do so in a lockable case,if you a handy man in the family have them make a box that has a glass lid that will allow people to see but not touch your dolls,tag the dolls with prices so that people don't have to round you up for a price during and opening,and remember that dolls are often small enough to slip into a pocket or bag and can be gone forever before you now it.

If you dont have a handy man around you can purchase jewelery display cases on line for a reasonable price and they always come in handy for exhibits,shows and just keeping you dolls on display at home,so think about it if you are condsidering exhbiting or shows or even markets.

So condider exhibiting your beloved little dolls,they do deserve some attention and its always nice to show off your little wonders to the world.

The dolls in the picture are shown in a lockable,glass top display box..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dolls are being born!!!!!

I have designed a new lot of dolls and hope to get cracking on them next week,I'm really excited to get going on them,lots od cloth and paint,wonderful...

I am working on a quite a few dolls at the moment and hope to coplete them this week coming so that I can begin work on the new dolls.

I have a few paper clay and cloth dolls in the process at the moment and some super cute weird little one piece dolls growing nicely,I have a little family happening and some cute dotees haning aroung,so much to do,I will have to be disciplined and finish first things first.

I am working on a blue doll at the moment that is fast turning into a favey,it have ears and dangley arms and legs,this one Im enjoying,he just needs his face [painted and a few loving touches and vola he will be comlpete,I have displayed his original design in this post to share him with you all.

I do so love my little cloth buddies but I have hardened upa nd started to put them up for sale on Etsy,I need to share them and keep growing as a doll maker.